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Poudre Equinoxiale
8,80 € TTC
With hot chocolate : add 1/2 tsp. per cup and stir for two minutes before pouring. Also for mousse, cakes, chocolate ice cream, et cetera.

épices - Roellinger - copyright ©
Informations Techniques
- Ingredients : cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper, spices
- Net weight : 35 g
- Provenance : Created by Olivier Roellinger
An ally of chocolate, this spice mix is accented by the intoxicating scents of vanilla.
Les mots d'Olivier Roellinger
This powder enhances any chocolate recipe: mousse, cream, runny chocolate cake, ice cream.
In Brittany, the best tales are told around the fire while a storm rages outside. As we share a hot chocolate, our dreams take us to the equinoctial coasts of South America, a land of extremes where the intoxicating scent of humid and capricious vanilla hangs heavy in the air.
To help forget the rain and create pleasure.
La cuisine / les recettes
In a dry, dark place such as a closed cupboard, ideally at 18 C.
Nos recettes
- a purely vegan creme au chocolat (Translator's note: see above)
- Chocolate Pots de crème and poudre équinoxiale
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